Woman, You are… CONFIDENT! Own Your POWER!

Head, raised, shoulders back, broad smile on her face; she sauntered in with poise and although heads may not have turned, the atmosphere in the room change. The energy level went up a few notches, and just watching her made me smile.

What made her special, probably nothing you and I don’t have. What made her special is that she owned her power. All of it!

I am a serial follower of all things positive, encouraging, empowering, motivating, inspiring and (don’t judge me) self-help. I’m addicted to good stories, to women especially, who are shining, leaning-in, thriving and spreading that positivity wherever they go. Have you guessed why I write this blog?

So, back to this awesome woman; I love being around her because she exudes everything I aspire to be. The last conversation we had, she was actually going through a tough season, but unlike many, she didn’t brush it off. She owned her emotions, her feelings and so gave me space to own mine. We have all heard how important it is to be vulnerable and how it seriously opens up pathways to living a more authentic life. If you haven’t gotten on this band wagon – check out Brené Brown. So why is it dear women, that we are still allowing doubt to creep in and lie to us?

Trust me, I struggle with this so much. One day I’m here “doing the thing that made the pots to happen” South African joke*. And the next I’m wondering if I’m too much, or if I said it right? Fortunately I have a support group who tell me to STOP! and I then try (and sometimes fail) to quiet the gremlins in my head. With practice though I’m realizing that the voice of doubt and insecurity isn’t so tough after all, he’s just been wearing me down with his empty threats. When I push back and say; hey – shut up! he usually does. It’s in these moments I’m reminded of that special woman, who I aspire to be like, who I wish could give me the magic formula to her confidence.

Later today, I’m meeting that special woman again because I need a dose of her awesomeness. And in case you haven’t figured it out – you are that woman, I am that woman. That special woman whose smile lights up a room, whose confidence inspires others, whose energy is infectious and whose laughter beams joy. You are that woman; I am that woman who holds her head up high, who owns her emotions and who knows she is powerful because her unique make-up is exactly what the world needs.

*[translation: Making magic, getting things done]

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