75 days to go

A few weeks ago, I was reminded that there are 100 days left until 2020. At first I had to take a deep breath, as I felt a sudden panic rising as I questioned what I had achieved, what was still pending on my to-do list, and how time flies, how little time there is left; and I saw this all flashing before me in a couple of seconds.

As I continued to listen to Tara-Nicholle Nelson, I heard her name this exact panic and advise against falling into the trap of a lack mentality. And so I began to take deep breaths and think about what I wanted for the remainder of the year.

I wrote out a plan, chucking out the incomplete and focusing on the simple tasks and habits I wanted in place before embarking on the goals for 2020. Since then I have spent time reflecting on a year that for me has been an intense journey of healing and while thinking about this; I found a seedling growing in my spirit as I was able to see the year for what it truly was, what any year truly is – an opportunity to grow, to take steps forward, to feel, live and thrive. Of course, every year comes with its fair share of challenges but if we look through the lens of ticking off achievements, we move from the criticism to an appreciation of all that we have gone through, enjoyed, and we are able to celebrate those small wins.

There is still time left in this year, and as always the outlook for 2020 to consider as well. What if you could choose just 3 small shifts, 3 doable tasks, 3 habits to develop before the end of the year; things you can tick off and pat yourself on the back for completing by December 31st? STOP for a minute and just engage the feeling of completion as you consider the abundance of time left in this year.

Share with me in the comments, what are you going to do with the 10 odd weeks left of 2019?

2 thoughts on “75 days to go

  1. Gcin-Gcin says:

    Wow! I would love to focus on this 75 days and bring about something I would be proud of. Finishing that coaching correspondence training is a definite YES. I can do that without feeling pressurised.

    Thank you for this gentle nudge Links


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