Vision, Goals, Intentions

We made it to another and year and survived the festivities of the holiday season and the re-adjustment of getting back into our daily routines.

I hope you’re still holding onto the energy and positivity that comes with a new year. The way everyone seems to have a spring in their step. How for a week or two or three people feel motivated, focused and even eager to achieve their goals, run after their dreams and stand firm in their convictions.

In the same spirit, we make these commitments to ourselves and hold ourselves to standards we expect ourselves to reach in the hopes of achieving said goals and dreams. But often within a few weeks they fall by the wayside as we fall into old habits.

As much as I am a proponent of setting goals, I have found that setting intentions derived from a BIG vision and then using those to inform my actions has yielded better results. What does this mean you may ask. essentially it’s whittling down the goal to its bare bones and using it’s promised reward as a motivator versus creating a mountainous seemingly unattainable, anxiety inducing goal.

I challenge you to revisit your vision and goals, and commit to making small incremental steps that excite you versus setting unrealistic expectation that zap your energy. Maybe this time next year you won’t be starting afresh but rather building on the progress you’ve already made.

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2 thoughts on “Vision, Goals, Intentions

  1. Stephy B says:

    Very true and for this reason I never make New Years resolutions as I believe you should always be dreaming and setting short term and long term goals that correlates with your past, present and future. No matter how far fetch a dream is if you really want it and it is destined to happen along with your works you will achieve it. The enthusiasm of a New Year does not contributes to works neither does procrastination. James 2:17 In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.

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