Weigh-in #SoCS

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Sept. 7/19 by LindaGHill Weigh-in I looked in the mirror yesterday and saw round cheeks, flabby arms, a jiggling tummy and thighs let’s not talk about the thighs.  I looked in the mirror yesterday and saw the decline of what once was comforting, soothing, medicating with chocolate, cake, chocolate … Continue reading Weigh-in #SoCS

The World Is Too Much With Us

The beginning of the year is usually characterized by a flurry of excitement. People share their goals, resolutions and we’re bombarded by the pressure to “Start now, get it done, to do something, do it differently, anything new...” with the various slogans and fresh start adages as everyone tries to find a sexy & captivating … Continue reading The World Is Too Much With Us


The seeking of Purpose has been a life long pursuit for me, and I believe that it is a journey not a destination as we are so often taught. I have always believed that everyone has something they can contribute on this planet, and if we take the time to listen, we will all be … Continue reading Ikigai


Each day that we wake up is a gift! In the midst of all we are bombarded with from the world, we can get caught up in the inconsequential. And for my friends (and all the other people) who like me tend to overthink, for this moment, meditate on this:  

You! Yes, you

I’ve often attended events for either business networking, leadership forums and panel discussions on a variety of topics. I enjoy hearing people’s stories, exposing myself to different perspectives and views on certain topics, and also learning in the process. Most of the time, I will find a few people to chat with, or spark up … Continue reading You! Yes, you

Like a duck!

  "Be like a duck. Calm on the surface, but always paddling like the dickens underneath" Michael Caine   Watching the ducks in the pond outside my home gliding across the water, I came to realize that sometimes in life we need to just continue flapping furiously underneath to keep things going. It seems as … Continue reading Like a duck!